Atomic Swindlers

November 2004 PRESS

November 02, 2004

Atomic Swindlers: lost in a space warp

By Del Baker
Music Philosopher

I must admit, I was highly skeptical of a band called “Atomic Swindlers” whose first CD “Coming Out Electric,” is self-proclaimed as featuring “non-gender judgmental sex, love, time travel escapades, and intergalactic mayhem” all with a “cosmic groove.”

Blah, blah, blah. But by the time I had listened to the entire CD while throwing back a few cocktails, I was inspired to don black eyeliner and spandex as I hit the club scene full-force.

The band appears to have been lost in a (shall I say it?) space warp for the past 20-plus years. Their sound is reminiscent of the days of Bowie, Iggy Pop, and glam rock, with lead vocalist April Laragy backward channeling Gwen Stefani while taking a drink from the truth serum of PJ Harvey. The Seduction of Bowie the bad boy in Iggy Pop wrapped in the Lips of Wayne Coyne. Heavenly. Forget the magic carpet ride, hop aboard this new age shuttle service headed into orbit.

Laragy’s vocals trip effortlessly over intricate musical arrangements that compliment her straightforward, sexually-charged delivery. The band scores big with the first cut, drummer Roy Stein’s “Float” (my electric stargirl). Check out the video at www.atomicswindlers .com. This song is the complete package —haunting melody, great guitar, drums and fodder for the mind as its lyrics take you down a path. Like a good lover, this song leaves you spent and craving more.

And the Atomic Swindlers deliver. Bassist Gary Trainer reminds me the band is most definitely a rock band first with his tune “Diamond Dreamers,” a good song to put on when you’ve had too many beers and turned your living room into an air guitar studio. The edgier style of guitarist Chris Yockel is showcased by the songs “Space Bandit” and “sex66”. But other guitarist Scott Ostrowski’s fanciful fretting makes you sit up and take notice on “Stars in my Pocket.”

The morning after my date with the Atomic Swindlers, I was in a state of euphoria. The eyeliner was smudged, the spandex was stained, and I was still humming tunes from the CD.

“Coming Out” never felt so good.




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