Atomic Swindlers


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March 2006
Atomic Swindlers - "Coming Out Electric"

My first "exposure" to this band was the animated video for their song _Float_ (which is included on this disc) and I wasn't sure what was more surprising, the obvious Samurai Jack noir of the artwork or the lesbianism. That's right, you read it correctly. The video is space chick lesbians in (minimal) latex sex suits saving the future to a soundtrack of Portishead meets Ennio Morricone in a film by Albert Broccoli, or something like that. (and I understand their live shows are even wilder) While the over all theme remains true thruout with song titles such as _Space Bandit, Intergalactic Lesbian Love Song_ and _Sex 66_ the music itself takes a number of interesting turns, such as on _Diamond Dreamer_ which sounds like it came straight out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. If all this sounds like this is one of those acts with such a strong identity that you either love or hate what they are doing you might be correct. But if you are leaning away don't dismiss it too quickly as underneath the flash lies a rather interesting work which is certainly as unique as anything I've seen lately. Certainly high drama worthy of notice, but while not profane the material renders it unsuitable for the kids so be warned.



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