Atomic Swindlers

March 2005 PRESS

Atomic Swindlers
Coming Out Electric

It is easy to compare Rochester, NY's Atomic Swindlers to the glam heyday of David Bowie and the stylish punk of Blondie, but listen to the disc closely and another comparison begins to emerge. /Coming Out Electric/ is also reminiscent of early-mid '90s alternative rock. Think of a less ska influenced, more introspective No Doubt or a slightly happier Garbage on a stricter recording budget and you're getting close to the tones and sounds the band creates. When the '90s retro movement kicks in to high gear (and you know it's just around the corner), The Atomic Swindlers are primed to be at the forefront. Forget all those Gang Of Four knock-offs making the scene today, /Coming Out Electric/ is the future sound of retro. But labeling the band as a kitschy throwback doesn't give them enough credit. Any band that would sound as comfortable covering The Pixies as the entirety of the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack is on the cutting edge.

Brad Filicky

Coming Out Electric by the Atomic Swindlers
SFRevu, March 2005
Review by David Marsh

The Atomic Swindlers are hard to pin down. Their debut pop album is clearly an ode to edgy SF, with songs titles like "Float (my electric stargirl)", "Space Bandit", "Planet of a Thousand Lies" and "Intergalactic Lesbian Love Song". But musically they're all over the pop universe, pulling in a boisterous mix of Beatles/punk/bubblegum/Joan Jett/Barbarella/Ziggy Stardust...and whatever else they feel like doing. It's all fun, and the nice thing about the lesbian bits is that boys can pretend they've got a chance at a threesome, but while gender bending is SF...lesbian crossover sex is pure fantasy. It's compelling fantasy though...lead singer April Laragy is as hot as a white dwarf star. They're roaming around Upstate NY this March and April, and you can catch them in their NYC debut April 29th at Underscore (9th and First Ave.) - DM





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