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Coming Out Electric
Atomic Swindlers
Reviewed by Anita Moyt, managing editor

Don’t you just love a story where the girl rescues the girl and rides off into the sunset?

The animated video for “Float (my electric stargirl),” available on the Atomic Swindler’s debut CD, Coming Out Electric, as well as its website at, is well worth a looksey girls. By the way, this animated video has been shown in five international film festivals and won at Hollywood’s prestigious Hypefest Film Festival. “Float (my electric stargirl)’s” music and words were written by Roy “lowly drummer” Stein; the Video by Joel Trussel.

And I love the music just as well. Being a former Bowie fan, the music definitely rings a bell; the music is tight, on target, produced exceptionally well and brings back the days of the futuristic ballad. Although Bowie was androgynous for so many of his albums, lead singer April Laragy is definitely female. And it is her femaleness that she doesn’t hide. In fact, Curve Magazine called Laragy “the new Gwen Stefani.”

For more information and sound bytes, go online to Coming Out Electric is available at Tower Records and online at,; songs also can be purchased for download from iTunes and Napster.

June 2006 – Family & Friends

Memphis, TN



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