Atomic Swindlers


Ox Fanzine
N.B.T. - The next big thing
January 2006

The ATOMIC SWINDLERS are a glamtastic combo from Rochester, NY and their "Coming Out Electric" doesn’t sound like a debut album. They mix familiar 70s strands with a big rock candy sound which projects far beyond much of today’s stunted fare. The Swindlers make a noise that has serious travel potential and their space-age imagery could connect them with several generations who have missed out on something genuinely exciting in terms of live thrills. Think TRANSVISION VAMP vs The Spiders from Mars.

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Altar Magazine, Winter 2006
Review by Monica Martin
Atomic Swindlers – Coming out Electric

The Atomic Swindlers bring it all to the table with Coming out Electric. When listening to this twelve-song album, you can tell their influences vary from genre to genre and even decade to decade. I can’t put my finger on it, but this compilation has a touch of everything from jazz to country to rock, even a touch of the oldies. Their dream-like, hypnotic melodies topped with April Laragy’s vocals over original lyrics make this off-beat and like nothing I’ve heard before. This album is quite catchy and likeable. This six member band delivers a rather soft, new-aged quality where you can feel the treble and bass rising. They open strong with their song "Float," which happens to be my favorite on the album. Coming out Electric reminded me a bit of a mix between the Grease soundtrack and Valeze’s promotional CD. Though this might not typically be what you listen to, you’ll find yourself liking it. The weird, catchy & original vibe makes the Atomic Swindlers a band to check out.



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