Atomic Swindlers


Now Hear This! 01.25.06– by F. Daniel Kent, A&E Editor

Music that’s out of This World

The Atomic Swindlers—Coming Out Electric
Rating: A+

Welcome to the 23rd Century. Strap yourself in. We're in for a fun ride. Leggy front woman April Laragy and her co-conspirators in The Atomic Swindlers have brought you here through time and space to share with you sultry star-spanning stories of sex charged divas that run from the law and save the day in the end. The world that the Atomic Swindlers inhabit with their craft is a starry spot in the sky where the saucy sci-fi seduction of Raquel Welch mingles with the neon colored psychedelic

siren call of Pink Floyd, post-India Beatles, or Ziggy Stardust era David Bowie with Debbie Harry playing hostess. This potent brew is then topped with a heavy glam surface al a T-Rex or Iggy Pop and dressed in the clothes of Barbarella.

All of that said; don’t make the mistake that this is just some sort of retro pop rip-off band. While the inspiration for The Atomic Swindlers may be well rooted in classic retro glam and post-punk sensibilities but that is where the similarities end. The Swindlers' greatest talent is the ability to lure you in with the trappings of a future world in a bygone era and then hurl the unsuspecting listener headlong into an intelligently written and skillfully performed music sounds cape with clear influences from modern sounds like PJ Harvey, Tori Amos and No Doubt.

Sporting songs about intergalactic lesbian love affairs, space bandits in love, and time warp fueled sexcapades The Atomic Swindlers "Coming Out Electric" is unique fare for anyone who is a fan of well-written solidly performed tunes that have a hip, imaginative feel. Anything less is just a thing of the past.



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