Atomic Swindlers

Atomic Wallpaper
Atomic Wallpaper

Ted Kinsman
Ted Kinsman's is an amazing world class science photographer whose work has appeared on the Discovery Channel, A & E, in National Geographic and on countless televisions shows and commercials. His work also forms the backbone for the Atomic Swindlers' live multi-media show. Recently he merged the Atomic Swindlers' song "Drag" from the CD "Coming Out Electric" with a cornucopia of his kaleidoscope psychedelic photographic images to create a very trippy demo video highlighting some of his work.

Please check it out at Ted's website. Go to the link here in the cinematography section. Ted's art is amazing:

Hear the new dance/trance remix of the Atomic Swindlers' Diamond Dreamer

Julian Marsh, a legendary figure in the DJ/Remix world whose resume includes a Grammy nomination for his work with Boy George recently got his hands on the Atomic Swindler's new CD "Coming Out Electric." He loved what he heard and asked the band if he could remix a song or two. The results will soon be pumped on dance floors and at raves the world over. In the meantime you can hear Julian's remix of the Atomic Swindlers' Diamond Dreamer at:

"Float" radio version here:

April Laragy's Art

April Laragy, the lead singer from the Atomic Swindlers is also a water color artist. Her work as a painter is gaining, growing national recognition.
To see her art please visit:


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